1. What are the differences between the Morning and the Afternoon City tours?

These two tours have an exact same route and itinerary but because there are different vendors available at different times of the day, the one stop for our meal may not be the same.

For now all of our tours just take place in Ho Chi Minh City.

If given prior notice, we can arrange the dishes on our tours to conform your food restrictions. But if you are strictly allergic to something, please let us know in most details such that we can advise you if our food tour is the right tour for you.

Yes! That is an absolute. Children of all ages can go on our tours. Children from 7 and younger can share the same motorbike with one of the adults accompanying and will be charged half price of the tour. Children from 8 and older must go separately with one of our drivers due to Vietnamese law and will be charged fully.

You should bring a backpack with you if you want to buy clothing or small souvenirs. For the things you cannot carry. We will have one of our team deliver them to your hotel for you.

For your safety, and as a precaution against thieves, please do not bring valuable things like jewelry or important documents like your passports on the tours. As Saigon is usually hot, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes; and ladies should not wear skirts or dresses on the tour.

If you can get on our bikes, we can carry you. But if you are larger than 100 kilos (or 220 lbs.), please let us know in advance so that we can choose the most comfortable bike for you. And our weight limit is 130 kilos (or 286 lbs.)

YES! Except for the famous Tet Holiday – Lunar New Year, our tours are run all year round. Tours on a Vietnam National Public Holiday require a surcharge from USD 15 to USD 20 per guest, however.

Here is the list of Vietnam National Public Holidays:

January 1st – New Year Day

Hung King Anniversary – this changes every year according to the lunar calendar. But, most of the time it is in April and May.

April 30th – Reunification Day

May 1st – Labor Day

September 2nd – Independence Day

In case if it rains, we will work it out like this:

1. If the rain happens during the tours, there are always free rain ponchos for you. If the rain is light, we can put them on and continue the tour. In case the rain is too heavy for us to keep going, we shall pull over and discuss if you want to wait until the rain is finished and continue or you want to stop doing the tour and go back to your hotel. In that case, we will charge you for the actual time you have spent on the tour. 

2. If the rain happens before the tours and it is light, we will provide you rain ponchos to start the tour and if there is rain with strong wind and thunders, we will contact you and give you the options of the tour cancellation or that you want to make a tour rescheduling at another time. We can delay the tour up to 30 minutes if it rains heavily. As Saigon is in its yearly rainy season from June – November, we hope all the guests that book any motorbike tour during the period, kindly understand that raining can happen anytime and hope that you can openly join us on the tours if the weather is not too bad to go out. 

***The tours won’t be canceled if the rain is light or because the streets are wet. And in no cases that the customers are obliged to do the tours if it stormily rains*** 😉

We require at least a 20% (this number varies according to your group size) deposit from bookings for groups from THREE guests. And here is our Deposit and Cancellation Policy:

– Case 1: Cancellation made within 72 hours (3 days) before the tour date will be charged 20%.
– Case 2: Cancellation made on the same tour date will be charged 50% for the late cancellation fee.
– Case 3: Cancellation on arrival (when the drivers have arrived at your hotel for pick-up) will be fully charged.
– Case 4: Bookings made and confirmed within 24 hours before the tour are NOT cancellable.

Please note that this is just our basic policy for Cancellations. If you book for a big group, this policy will have its changes depending on your group size.

XO Tours at has been the leader in the motorbike tour industry for years. This company is special because all of their guides/drivers are ladies wearing aodai – the traditional Vietnamese costume. They offer everything you could want to ask for on their tours. Their service is famous and second to none. We highly recommend this motorbike tour company to anyone.

No, we do not at the moment. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please contact Drive Vietnam at for the best of an airport transfer service. This is the company that we 100% trust.

Your bookings are welcome at the last minute (depending on the availabilities); but we suggest you book the tour(s) at least 01 week before the date you want to do the tour(s) as spaces are limited. 
Your bookings can be made via our number (+84) 366.89.59.89 or email or directly on this website.