Want to experience Saigon traffic, eat delicious street food but you don’t feel safe joining a scooter tour? Then our unique Tuktuks are perfect for you. We offer our Tuktuk Tours as an alternative to scooters for scaredy-cat travelers!

In our safe and modern Tuktuks, you’ll get to experience the sights, sounds and smell of Saigon without any risk to you or your family. Our tuktuks are small semi- enclosed “Troop Carriers” that provide protection from both traffic and weather. We can run our tours in rain or shine, so this is the best vehicle for Saigon’s rainy season!

Each Tuktuk can carry 5 travelers. If your group is larger than that we can offer multiple tuktuks! Bachelor and Hen Partiers love our Tuktuk Option!

Saigon Gay Tours - Tuktuk Option


Saigon Gay Tuktuk Food Tours

Our Tuktuk Food Tour starts at 6:30pm to 10:00pm everyday. As tuktuks are not allowed to park anywhere like scooters, a meeting place in District 1 for pick-up, will be advised. On the tour, we will travel from one district to another in the city to have four different local food stops (3 stops for savories and 1 for desserts). At each place, we will have a few dishes and we will have over 10 dishes in total. Beside the part of all delicious and unlimited food and drinks, you can also enjoy the city night life as we will zip around, on the tuktuks, from place to place for the dishes, while receiving an insider’s view into the culture that defines Saigon from our tuktuk guides, who are so much passionate in showing you the best of their city.

TIPS: We offer discounts to group bookings. The more you book, the cheaper the tour is.


As one tuktuk can only carry 5 guests at a time, this pricing circle will be repeated and reapplied to guests that exceed the groups of FIVE.

EX(1): 6 guests = USD435 (USD325/5 guests + USD110/guest)

EX(2): 8 guests = USD565 (USD325/5 guests + USD240/3 guests)

Please kindly understand that price of bookings for ONE guest is much higher because even this is a join-in basis tour, your booking is secured once it’s confirmed. We make sure the tour goes on, with the exact same highest quality, even if there is just you that book. We won’t cancel your tour because there are not enough tour-goers. Each Tuktuk will have 1 Tuktuk Driver, an English Speaking Guide with unlimited food and drinks at each stop, surprises with tons of fun.

Please kindly send us a Contact Message or Email if you are interested in our Tuktuk Option! Thank you!