It can sometimes be a little intimidating or difficult for gay travelers to find a good spa and sauna. Fear not – we at Pride Drives have done some research and come up with a list of what we feel are some of the best gay spas and saunas in Ho Chi Minh City for both locals and tourists. This list highlights our most honest opinions and what we feel are the strengths and weaknesses of a spa. We hope you will find it useful in making a decision on which spa to visit during your stay in our glorious city.


The best one among gay spas and saunas in Ho Chi Minh City, in our opinion, is Nadam Spa. Located a little off the city center in Thu Duc District, this is a big spa for gays. Its design is based on the old architecture of Hue – former Capital of Vietnam – with ancient wood, bricks, tiles and antiques. Together with green spaces and a fish pond garden, Nadam Spa carries a harmonious theme that will immediately please the toughest of guests.

Nadam Spa and Sauna for men
Nadam Spa and Sauna for men

The sauna area includes jacuzzi, wet room, dry room, Himalayan steam room and showers. Relaxation rooms, free wide spaces and massage machines are available for free for all guests. This spa offers a good variety of skin care services like facial massage, oil & hot stone massage or herbal massage for men. Free drinks and a meal of omelette or noodles are provided to all guests.

Pride Drives
Antique Decors


  • Great design with reasonable space arrangement
  • Staffs/ therapists are very polite
  • Open daily throughout the year, even on public holidays
  • Good relaxing piano music and aroma
  • Lockers, bathrooms, massage beds, towels and indoor flip-flops are very clean.


  • Very far away from the city center
  • This spa is highly priced, and tips are exclusive in its price.
  • Some therapists don’t have the proper skills for massage.


Located on a quiet road in District 10, Nam Spa is one of the oldest gay spas and saunas in Ho Chi Minh City. Space of this spa is not huge but wide enough and beautifully designed. It also carries a vintage style of the old Saigon with a little garden and relaxing space.

Nam Spa - one of the oldest gay spas in Saigon
Nam Spa – one of the oldest gay spas in Saigon

Like other gay spas in Saigon, Nam Spa has an area for sauna with a jacuzzi, wet and dry rooms. All the therapists here are well trained with very good massage skills. A very good thing about this spa is that tips are already included in the packages. Water bottles and tea are also provided.

Pride Drives
Massage space


  • Located in the city center
  • Beautifully designed with a cozy atmosphere
  • Well-trained therapists with good massage skills
  • The price is reasonable, and tips are included


  • There are only a few (one or two) private rooms for VIP packages. Regular massages take place in a common room with curtains. So, it’s a little noisy sometimes.
  • No food is offered. You must leave the spa after a few hours if you feel hungry
  • The locker room is small and hot.


This spa in the city center and you can hear loud disco music as you enter it. Common spaces are not small, but you always feel inconvenient as to the way it’s designed. Massages take place in private rooms, but these rooms are just small enough to fit in a massage bed.

Moc Spa - spa for gays
Moc Spa – spa for gays

The therapists here are just OK with their skills and the price is a little high for what it offers. Tips are exclusive.

Pride Drives
Jacuzzi Area


  • Located in the city center
  • Price for sauna is reasonable
  • Shower room is wide, and water is warm enough


  • Music is too loud, and the kind of music is not appropriate with a relaxing spa
  • Massage rooms are too small
  • Common space is dirty, and the locker is small
  • The price is high for the quality of massage it offers, and tips will be asked for

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